By Chelsea Harris

I’m counting down the days until turkey-coma and pumpkin pie seconds are among us! Even better, dreaming about going button popping free this Holiday? Me too! Lucky for us, Levi has concocted a scrumptious design for us just in time for all the feasts.

Introducing their pull-on, buttonless, tummy-slimming panel jean collection:

Macy’s; Price: $54

The Perfectly Slimming Pull-On Levi Collection comes in different colors and is on sale NOW for only $39.99 at Macy’s!

My tummy is already excited…

According to InStyle Magazine, Levi’s global VP of women’s design Jill Guenza says they “sit high enough on your waist to cover a muffin top without verging into mom-jeans territory.”

Minus the turkey and stuffing, comfy is at the top of my mind this Thanksgiving. Now, we can indulge in tasteful foods without the fear of bulging and unpleasant rubbing.


Hilary Duff agrees with this comfort conscious style by sporting a similar design on set. Check out her relaxing, jean-sweatpants:

I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving miracle! Thoughts? Tweet us @ATLCW w/ #ThanksgivingTreat or comment below.