You know what I miss? Book fairs! Do you remember those? They would arrive at your school, and you had every excuse to miss class because you were skipping to read. In my case, I was buying the stuffed animals they had available.

But what we do need more of is a celebration of literature and the scholastic experience in general! The Letters Festival is here to do just that. It’s going on now through this weekend, so you’ve still got time to enjoy panel discussions, writing workshops, a book market, and after party readings. Ooh, I wonder if Ratchet Bookworm will be at those after parties. You’ll be able to interact with authors and discuss things like written word, the publishing industry, and the role of literature in today’s world. See, I would’ve never thought about that! This sounds like an awesome festival!

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Everything is happening at the Goat Farm Arts Center. For more information and to purchase tickets, check out their site!

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Wendell Scott