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“Interstellar” (2014)

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Earth is dying, and, when a wormhole is discovered, scientists come up with a plan to use the wormhole to travel through space. A team of astronauts are assembled, led by Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) to fly the mission to find another planet where humans can live. “Interstellar” Website

What to Watch For:  The film will be released early on Nov 5th to theatres that have 70 or 35 mm film projectors, including 41 70 mm IMAX theatres.

Word on the Street:  The look of the film is said to be spectacular.  Director Christopher Nolan shot the film in anamorphic 35mm, with a number of scenes shot with IMAX cameras.

My Take:  This should be a big box office weekend, and this film will probably open at number one.

Big Hero 6

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“Big Hero 6”  (2014)

A young robotics engineer named, Hiro (Ryan Potter), and his plus-sized inflatable robot, named Baymax (Scott Adsit), uncover a criminal plot and put together a team of inexperienced crime-fighters to take on a masked villain. “Big Hero 6” Website

What to Watch For:  “Big Hero 6” is the first Walt Disney animated film to feature Marvel Comics characters.

Word on the Street:  Originally Marvel wanted the film to be aimed at an older audience, but Disney won out.

My Take:  From an early take from critics, the film is sure to be a blockbuster.


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“Laggies”  (2014)

28-year-old Megan (Keira Knightley) is in a rut.  She lives with her high school boyfriend (Mark Webber) and not much has changed since her high school days.  When her boyfriend proposes, Megan freaks out and decides to take a week off from life.  She meets Annika (Chloe Grace Moretz) and starts hanging out with her and her high school friends.  Things are going well until Annika’s father (Sam Rockwell) enters the scene. “Laggies” Website

What to Watch For: The film has an exceptional cast, including Ellie Kemper and Gretchen Mol.

Word on the Street:  Critics are talking about the great chemistry between Knightley and Rockwell.

My Take:  Any movie with both Knightley and Moretz is a film that I want to see.


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“Citizenfour”  (2014)

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In January 2013, filmmaker Laura Poitras started receiving anonymous encrypted e-mails, claiming to have evidence of illegal covert surveillance run by the NSA and other governments. The emails came from “Citizenfour” who the filmmakers soon found out was Edward Snowden. “Citizenfour” Website

What to Watch For:  One of the most talked about documentaries of the year.

Word on the Street:  The film is said to move at a brisk pace and is filled with conversations with Snowden.

My Take:  Laura Poitras is one of the best documentary filmmakers out there.

Art and Craft

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“Art and Craft”  (2014)

Mark Landis is a great painter.  Unfortunately, he is also one of the most prolific art forgers in US history. He doesn’t do it for the money, and, many times he has posed as a philanthropic donor, giving his work to museums.  After an investigator uncovers Landis’s work, Mark must now confront his own legacy. :Art and Craft” Website

What to Watch For:  This documentary sounds more like something a Hollywood screenwriter would come up with, but it’s a true story.

Word on the Street:  Landis is said to be one of the most fascinating characters of the last 30 years.

My Take:  I really want to see this interesting looking  film.


If you can’t get to the theatre this weekend, then stay at home and watch movies on  Atlanta’s CW:


1:00 pm

“The 6th Day”  (2000) Set in the future; a man (Arnold Schwarzenegger)  meets a clone of himself and discovers that there is a vast conspiracy to replace humans with clones.


3:00 pm

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“Taken”  (2008)  A retired CIA agent (Liam Neeson) uses all his skills to try and save his kidnapped daughter (Maggie Grace) from a group of mobsters.