Have you seen how fit ‘Arrow”s star Katie Cassidy is getting this year? Cassidy has been a master in the fashion world, but, now, she’s moving into the fitness arena and breaking in fast. Mad muscles are definitely on this fashionista’s mind, and we love the motivation!

The ‘Arrow‘ celebrity’s Instagram used to be fashion only but now shares a collection of her gym dates, strength training sessions and yoga poses.  Determination at its finest, and it’s for show below.

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Gym inspiration brought to you by your CW star Cassidy: ready, set, go!

Yep, this CW chick is definitely my gym HERO.

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Healthy is the new black and it wears well on Cassidy. With this being said who’s encouraged for that afternoon gym sesh or amped for an ‘Arrow’ episode? Check out @KatieCassidy daily for that 30-minute cardio push.


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Chelsea Korzenko