When the words YA (Young Adult) gets attached to a film, especially one based on a hit book, it can make some movie lovers cringe. They expect mediocre cinema like The Host, Ender’s Game or worse – Bella and Edward from the Twilight franchise. I will admit those films were stinkers playing it too sappy with child actors who can’t act worth a lick. So I had huge reservations leading into The Maze Runner, but turns out I was wrong to pre-judge. The Maze Runner has the best action I’ve seen on film this year since Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Maze Runner hits the ground running with mystery and intrigue from the very first scene of the movie. Greenie Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) awakens suffering from amnesia in an elevator that takes him to the center of a Maze the size of a city. Thomas is greeted by other maze members who have made a nice little society for themselves while trying not to go Lord of the Flies on each other. Thomas doesn’t like his new abode and begins to rally his fellow colony members to find a way out of the maze. Little does Thomas realize there are these insane creatures looking to kill anything in the Maze, which is also always changing its paths.

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Like I stated earlier, don’t judge this movie on it’s teen skewing trailers. This movie is violent, full of mystery and impressive acting from it’s young cast which sometimes is the detriment of these teen driven films. I actually found myself on the edge of my seat when I realized this would not be a sweet family friendly film about kids trying to figure out the massive maze. The kids a literally torn to pieces by the Grievers of the maze. No one is safe in The Maze Runner which kept my interest as to who would make it out alive. If you’re looking for some intense fun to save you from the September movie dead zone, The Maze Runner is that film.

Overall, I give The Maze Runner 3 out of 4 stars.

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