Have you ever been to the World of Coca-Cola? It is like…happiness on steroids. Yep, if you could make happiness a building it would definitely be the World of Coca-Cola…and that comparison would totally make sense.

Football fans have a great deal awaiting them this season at the WOCC. One of Atlanta’s best attractions is hosting Fan Days for footballheads in the Atlanta area. Now through October 15th, all you have to do is text “WOCC” to 66937 for two tickets to the World of Coke that will only cost you $25. You’re saving $7. That’s a big deal. $7 hardly buys me fast food.

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When you go, be sure to try Beverly. Or maybe give Beverly to the guy that’s rooting for the other team. That’ll teach him.

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For more information, check out their site!


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Wendell Scott