I hope you’ve got your mug ready. The Great Atlanta Beer Festival is coming to Turner Field on Saturday, September 6th.

Can you guess how many beers there will be? No. Not 15. 150+ beers to be exact. All of these beers are from the Atlanta area, the Southeast, and all over the country and are ready to be sampled by you. They’ll also have a small bit of wine and ciders for us calorie counters. I guess calorie counting doesn’t really matter if you’re attending a beer festival. The event will take place in the Grand Entry Plaza and Monument Grove. You’ll also get a chance to play some free games in Scout’s Alley! Those are always fun. For you college football fans, there will be games playing on the humongous 33 foot plaza TV.

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Oh, oh! And The Geeks will be performing as well! If you haven’t heard of them, we’re going to have to take away your cool card. They’re fantastic!

Tickets can still be purchased all the way up until the day of the event, but I’d go ahead and secure them now.

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For more information about the event, check out their site!


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Wendell Scott