Need a good Chardonnay? How about a smooth Riesling? Those are simple requirements for me every day after work as I listen to Frank Sinatra, dah-ling.

Well not all of us can enjoy our glass of wine in the comfort of our own homes, so Woodfire Grill is here to help us out. Nicolas Quinones will be guiding you through a series of wine tastings throughout the rest of the summer! It’s a four-part series that will start on Thursday, July 31st at 6pm. I also read it will feature something called ‘The Biodynamic Difference’. That sounds expensive.

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If you miss the tasting on Thursday, you’ve got a few more opportunities:
August 28 – Summer Whites of the Loire
September 25 – Gamay, the Darling of Sommeliers Everywhere.

Reservations are required. Use the following to book: 404-347-9055 or email

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For more information, check out their site!


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Wendell Scott