Let me tell you, I went on a paranormal investigation a few years ago. It was dark. It was cold. Nothing happened. It was still fun though! But ghost tours are even more fun. Decatur is offering one year-round actually!

You’ll get a chance to discover the spiritual history of downtown Decatur. According to the website, there will be tales of murder, passion, vice, war, and tragedy. Oh my, I am clutching my pearls. The tour begins at the historic Town Square, where you’ll enter shops and restaurants filled with some of the scariest ghosts of Decatur’s past. After you’ve spotted your orbs, you’ll visit the Old Decatur Cemetery to experience the twilight of the night.

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The tour is expected to go into the night, so be prepared. BOO! Didn’t scare you, did I?

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For more information, or to get your tickets, check out their site!

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Wendell Scott