Showing one of the last films to be produced on the MGM lot, The Plaza Theatre is celebrating its 75th Anniversary with a showing of “That’s Entertainment!” on Thursday, July 28th at 7:45PM.

Sounds innocent, right? Well, listen, this is a gala so it’s all about class. Let’s see what they’ve got while I clutch my pearls.

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First off, admission is only $7.50. That’s almost unheard of now…seriously, I get so angry thinking about it. But it only gets better. Guess how much popcorn and soft drinks are? 75 CENTS. WHAT?! This is crazy! I don’t even like popcorn and I want to buy some just because it’s so cheap!

Once the film is over, you’ve got two things waiting for you. You’ll receive a complimentary ticket to use on your next visit to the Plaza Theatre. And, if they didn’t already demolish you with the drinks and popcorn for 75 CENTS, there’s a GOURMET CHOCOLATE BUFFET after the show.



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Sorry. I fainted.

This is going to be a great celebration for an absolutely special theatre. For more information, check out their site!


Wendell Scott


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The Plaza Theatre’s 75 Anniversary GALA
Accompanied by a screening of “That’s Entertianment!”
$7.50 admission
.75 cent popcorn
.75 cent soft drink
complementary ticket for your next visit
GOURMENT Chocolate Buffet After The Show