“It is fun to have fun, but you have to know how.” And you know who knows better than all of us? The Cat in the Hat knows all about that! Sorry…just tried to keep the rhyming thing going. Can’t hold out. Sorry.

Don’t miss this zany production of Dr. Seuss’s classic, The Cat in the Hat, at the Center for Puppetry Arts. I had the pleasure of seeing it today and was pleasantly surprised. I sat down with a bit of trepidation, wondering how they could manage to create a full-length show out of a fifteen page book. But, guess what? They did it.

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Don’t worry, the design of the entire production stayed true to the illustrations of Dr. Seuss. Throughout the stage space there were the well-known, heavily curled markings, absence of straight lines, and that combination of pastel-like colors with random splashes of color that we all know too well. The production took an interesting direction with the puppeteers that, at times, I found amusing and a bit overwhelming. Each puppeteer wore costumes that allowed them to blend into the main backdrop of the stage, each adorned with precious cat whiskers atop their heads. There were some instances when all puppeteers appeared on stage with a combination of the commotion happening within the story, and that sort of created a bit of confusion for me. The show, while entertaining, is definitely geared towards the younger audience. You’ll find there’s a lot of noise and movement that is a bit slapstick, but comically pleasing. It’s extremely cute. I will say there a few moments that I thought lasted a bit too long. There were moments when The Cat in the Hat would dance, or there were long pauses in dialogue. I found myself wishing for the next character to come in or the next scene to play out during those times. But, don’t let that deter you. It was a precious production that the entire family will enjoy, whether you’ve got a toddler or you’re feeling a bit nostalgic. Go see it!


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Maybe you’ll start speaking in rhyme when you get out. Okay, no. You won’t. Forget I even mentioned that.

For more information about the production, check out their website.


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Wendell Scott