Now that season two of “Arrow” ended with a heart-pounding finale, we can focus our attention on season three casting. Four new roles have  been teased already at TVLine, some of which will make Olicity fans go mad. That’s right, Felicity may acquire a new love interest come season three, and he probably won’t have the last name Queen.

Let’s check out the four new characters:

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‘DANIEL’: He’s a “handsome, enigmatic and highly intelligent entrepreneur”. This twenty-something guy is a major recurring character next season with possibly a fake name to keep all of us guessing. If he sounds sexy already, add the fact that he exudes “charm and confidence in public” … oh and he “harbors a tragic past” so he could very well be a superhero. He’s not only teased as a love interest for Felicity but also a rival for Oliver.

‘SETH’: Oliver may have a criminal on his hands. This new guy has a “knack for chemistry” and uses a drug to drain his enemies’ willpower. He’s also a “physical match” for Oliver, so he may put up a good fight.

TOSHI: This character will appear in the Hong Kong flashbacks. Described as a “well-trained operative, skilled in weaponry, combat and intelligence gathering” — Toshi will be Oliver’s teacher of sorts.

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AKIKO: Toshi’s wife and another caretaker of Oliver’s in Hong Kong. She is also very skilled in martial arts like her husband.

Beyond the  love triangle possibilities (or at least in my shipper mind there will be jealousy flaring from Oliver) — the character descriptions reveal a little of what Oliver could be up to in the past. A big shocker last season: Oliver is no longer on the island. So what exactly did he do in Hong Kong and why didn’t he just go home? We’ll have to wait until the premiere to find out. Until then, let’s revel in this little morsel of detail, shall we?

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— Becca Ritchie