Out of all the villainous faces in “Arrow” that come and go, one will be sticking around next season. John Barrowman who plays Malcolm Merlyn has been promoted to series regular. The news came at the CW Upfronts, and TVLine later confirmed.

Malcolm was the season one antagonist to Oliver’s fledgling superhero status — and also the ring leader and subsequently puppet-master to poor Moira (Oliver’s mother). He had familial ties to the Queens since Tommy Merlyn was Oliver’s best friend forever… or maybe not that long. In season two, Malcolm was absent for a good chunk of time, licking his wounds and staying incognito as Moira took the fall for the destruction of the Glades.

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He popped back up towards the end with one of the biggest twists so far: he is the father of Thea Queen! Last we saw, Malcolm convinced Thea to leave town with him, therefore saying farewell to her friends, family and boyfriend. We can probably expect a plot involving their (evil?) shenanigans, or at least some fatherly mentoring.

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“Arrow” has also added four new characters to season three, one of which will be a significant rival for Oliver and a love interest for Miss Felicity Smoak.

Check out Stephen Amell’s tweet about the news:

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— Becca Ritchie