Have you ever seen 8 Mile? Eminem is my inspiration when it comes to freestyling–yo. Are you good at freestyling? Have a song to sing? Well get to the Sound and Lyrics Experiment at the Apache Cafe on Tuesday at 8:00pm.

Now what’s very individual about this particular jam session, you may ask. Is there a band? Yup, The Atlanta 3. Is there a host/hostess? Of course, MICXSIC. That’s pretty much all you need to know, right? Wrong. 

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This jam session will be a LIVE recording session. That’s right! The music you create with the Atlanta 3 band will be recorded, mixed down and shared with the world on Soundcloud! That’s pretty darn innovative, if I may so myself. If you’d like to participate in this fun experience, the list will open at 8pm. You’ll need $7 to enter and perform.

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To find out more information about the event, check out their website.


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Wendell Scott