Praise the heavens, I have found a church home. I have NEVER heard of Sister Louisa’s CHURCH until I started writing this article. This will probably be where you will find me for the rest of my life. I have been saved.

Now, they’ve got tons of events weekly, but one that truly caught my eye was the Ping Pong Tournament on Monday. Watch as some of Atlanta’s best Ping Pong Players come together to, well–play ping pong! While you watch, Sister Louisa prepared some Spiritual Sangria for you too. Oh my goodness, I will be in HEAVEN.

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If you think you’re one of those “best Ping Pong players” then sign up begins at 8:00pm and the tournament will begin at 9:00pm. If you win the competition, you’ll get 2 free KING OF POPS and a beer of your choice. For the record, KING OF POPS is the best thing you could ever get in life. Just sayin’.


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For more information about the tournament and the club itself, check out their website.


–Wendell Scott

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