Alone Yet Not Alone

Photo courtesy of Enthuse Entertainment

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kelly Greyson, star of the “Alone Yet Not Alone”. The film is about two sisters, Barbara (Kelly Greyson) and Regina (Hayley Lovitt) who are growing up in 1755 during the height of the French & Indian War in America. They are captured by the Delaware Indians and transported over 300 miles to an Indian settlement where the girl’s faith in God is tested every day, and they hope against hope that someday they can escape back to their family.

So tell me what the film is about.

Kelly: It is set during the French and Indian War. It’s the story of two girls who are caught in the wake of the war between the French and the British. The girls are captured by the Delaware tribe and are taken hundreds of miles away from their family. It’s their story of faith, hope and survival.

Alone Yet Not Alone

Photo courtesy of Enthuse Entertainment

You play Barbara, who has to cope with living among the Indians that have captured her. How did you prepare for the role?

Kelly: I have always loved history. There is a book of the same name about this story by Tracy Leininger Craven, which I read. Also, we had such a great wardrobe department which really made a difference. You step back into history when you put on the wardrobe, which kind of prepares you for the role. When you get into costume and then go on the set, it really puts you in the right place to take on the role. We had a great set department. In fact, all aspects of the film were authentic, so that was an added help to get into this character. It was actually lots of fun getting into this character. As an actor you get to live multiple lives in one, and with this role, I got to step back in time. In this film, when I am with the Indian tribe, I have dark hair and native garb on. When I am with the settlers, I have blonde hair and I am wearing a corset. Anytime you wear a corset it helps you be authentic.

What drew you to the role?

Kelly: It’s a beautiful and impactful story. It’s a role that’s very physically active, which I loved. I have always been really athletic and really love that kind of thing. I love to do my own stunts and this film was full of them. I do a lot of running, I had to wade across rivers and ride a horse. I even had to do a bit of shooting and play some lacrosse. I loved that part of the role. But I also loved the emotional level to this film. The film is opening Father’s Day weekend, which is great because there is a message in this film on how important a father’s words can have an impact on their children. This story shows how much their father’s words stuck with the two sisters and how impactful that was. Remembering his words “God will never leave or forsake you” helped them get through the hard times and never left them. It was so poignant to me to think about the impact of words on other people. The reason this story is being told hundreds of years later, is that it shows a really hard trial. Everyone has been through hard times and situations that try you. I have been through some hard things in my life. When overcome, persevere, and get through hard times, those are the stories that are told over and over through the years. Plus it’s a really great story. It’s a really small film with a really big heart.

Alone Yet Not Alone

Photo courtesy of Enthuse Entertainment

Where did you shoot the movie?

Kelly: All over the east coast, North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee. It was a gorgeous time to be there and it shows up in the film.

Was it a tough shoot to film?

Kelly: It was very challenging. We had some tough days shooting. There is a scene where the chief’s son is proposing to me by a river. We were filming the scene and all of a sudden, a flash flood came through and we had to really scramble to get us and the equipment out of the river and back up on dry land. It was one of those days where the elements really came into play. We had to hike down into a canyon just to get the shot and then the river floods. There were days like that which were really challenging to do.

I was reading about the film earlier and it seems like the film really tries to show a balance between showing the lives of the settlers and the Native Americans in the movie.

Kelly: Yeah, I think they did a really good job of portraying both sides. These are two separate cultures that at the end of the day want the same thing. Both sides are fighting to protect their families and their way of life. On both sides of the coin you see similar traits of truth, honor, respect and the love of family. They are caught on opposite sides of the conflict because of bad decisions made by people in power. The film has a compassion for both sides, not just for the settlers.

This is definitely a faith based movie. Are you encouraged by the fact that there have been some recent successes at the box office by faith based movies?

Kelly: I really am. I think it’s great and I hope this film does equally well. I think people want to see more of that. I think people want to see films that makes them feel uplifted at the end of the day. You definitely can find sad and worrisome things in the news, so I think people are looking for something new and encouraging.

Thank you for talking to me and I wish you much success with the film.

Kelly: Thank you so much. Be sure and go to my website, to get information on this film and the other projects I have coming out in the future.

“Alone Yet Not Alone” is in theaters now.    

“Alone Yet Not Alone” Website



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