Are you ready for more booty tooches this summer? “America’s Next Top Model” will premiere August 22nd at 9 p.m., featuring a slew of eager models — girls and guys — dreaming of supermodel stardom.

With the male models present, there must be kissing, I hope. Just not the kind of kissing from last cycle where Marvin devoured Renee’s face during the “role reversal” photo shoot. He must have been channeling his inner-llama. Bring on the tears after the models learn that they have to chop off their hair or dye it rainbow-sparkle. Though the latter has not happened yet, a girl can dream. Plus Tyra used her new lingo (booch and tooch) more than ever last cycle, so maybe she’ll tell each and every model to keep on smizing (smiling with your eyes).

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Maybe you’re wondering what happened to Cycle 20’s models. We’ve seen a few of the guys and girls pop up here and there some with success.

Phil Sullivan of Cycle 20 booked a major editorial, still sporting his beard.

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Renee graced the cover of Darling Magazine.

Lastly, Marvin Cortes — mostly linked to Renee, the biggest showmance of Cycle 21 — signed to DT Model Management.

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— Becca Ritchie