Steve Harvey is bringing his “Think Like a Man, Too” to theaters everywhere June 20th. What better way to promote it than have stars, Kevin Hart and Terence Jenkins, stalking you at Macy’s?

Okay, so they might not be walking through the clothing racks waiting to pounce on you–but they’ll be there. They’ll specifically be at Macy’s in Lenox Square Mall on Wednesday at 5:00pm, and you could meet them! Macy’s and Papi Underwear will be partnering up for this fun meet and greet. There’s a bit of a catch…darn it, things just can’t be easy, can they? You’ll have to purchase $35 or more in Papi Underwear in order to meet them both. And get this, you’ve got to be one of the first 125 customers to make a purchase. If you’re part of the lucky 125, you’ll get a chance to chuckle with Kevin. I actually don’t think Kevin “chuckles” now that I say that. Hmm..

So, don’t mess around! Get to Macy’s early and find the Papi Underwear. Buy me some boxer briefs if you can’t find anything for yourself. Oh, what’s that? You’ve got to take me out on a date first? Okay, that is definitely needed possible.

Good luck!


–Wendell Scott


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