I remember that time when I was younger, I wanted to become a wrestler. I wanted blonde hair, cat eyes, and a name that made grown men shiver–Meowgles. Yes, this is a true fact. I was weird back then. The closest I got to that wrestling dream was on Sega Genesis and Playstation. Not too bad, right? Do you want to get even closer though? Well you can at Philips Arena on May 27th when WWE SMACKDOWN hits the ring.

Live from Philips Arena, WWE SMACKDOWN will be broadcast live throughout the world for those hopeful, angered pre-teens and grumpy old men who can’t find the Port-O-Potty…I’m sure there are regular people who watch it too, so I’ll stop being mean. Or maybe I won’t. Maybe I can bring out my inner Meowgles and finally show the world how tough I really am! No?

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Kay. Never mind.

Some of your favorites will be in attendance like: Evolution, Kane, Big Show, The Divas, and more!

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To buy your tickets and get more information for the show, check out their site!


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Wendell Scott