I’ve never been an artist. I’ve never been trusted with a paintbrush (unless I was tipsy). As you can see from the photo below.victoria

But Seven Arts Center gives people like me the opportunity to learn! Beginning this Tuesday (and a few Tuesdays after that), they’ll be providing lessons specifically designed to help improve drawing and painting skills for the common man.

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Apparently these lessons will further boost your confidence and skill when it comes to creating pieces of art. You’ll learn how to draw and paint various things like: faces, landscapes, flowers, boats, etc. And while learning how to create these various things, you’ll be provided with the proper oil painting techniques, watercolor techniques, acrylic painting, pastels, etc. Hmmm…that sounds doable. I still don’t think I can do it without a glass of wine in hand. Each lesson is $25 per person, so that price isn’t too shabby for the lessons that you’ll receive.


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I might need to have about three or four…hundred.

Here’s their site for more information.

Wendell Scott

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