Music from CW Shows: April 21 - 25

Each week, we’ll highlight the music played on your favorite CW shows! Don’t forget to vote on the poll below for your chance to weigh in. But first, here’s what you heard:


“What Storm Is This That Blows So” Season 1, Episode 10

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Song: “Future Runs Magnetic” by Battleme
Played: When Grayson asks Taylor about Zoe’s death.

Song: “Empty Page” by Ron Pope
Played: When Grayson talks to his father.

Song: “Walking Blind (feat. Carina Round)” by Aidan Hawken
Played: When Emery suggests a break-up with Roman.

The Tomorrow People

“A Sort of Homecoming” Season 1, Episode 20

Song: “Not Yet” by Sarah Blasko
Played: When Hillary telepathically apologizes to Stephen.

The Originals

“An Unblinking Death” Season 1, Episode 19

Song: “Beginnings” by Houses
Played: When Elijah and Klaus call a truce and toast.

Song: “Heaven’s Key” by Band of Skulls


“Alex Annie Alexis Ann” Season 9, Episode 19

Song: “If You Wanna Get to Heaven” by The Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Played: When Alex takes a guy to the vampires.


“Seeing Red” Season 2, Episode 20

Song: “And Then You” by Greg Laswell
Played: When Oliver and Sara talk about moving in together.

The 100

“His Sister’s Keeper” Season 1, Episode 6

Song: “Down the Road” by C2C
Played: When Bellamy sneaks Octavia to the dance.

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Song: “When a Fire Starts to Burn” by Disclosure
Played: When Octavia dances in the flashback.

The Vampire Diaries

“Man on Fire” Season 5, Episode 19

Song: “Be What You Be” by Angus Stone
Played: When Stefan quizzes Elena for her finals.

Song: Breathless by U.S. Royalty
Played: When Bonnie asks Liv for help.

Song: “Locked In a Cage” by Brick + Mortar
Played: When Enzo recollects his time with Maggie.

Song: “Ninety Nine Pounds of Dynamite” by Lee Silver Productions
Played: When it’s 1960, a flashback.

Song: “Poor Little Girl” by Lee Silver Productions
Played: When Maggie asks to be a vampire.

Song: “Starlight” by Johnny Angel
Played: When Damon talks with Maggie in the flashback.


“Toy Soldiers” Season 1, Episode 19

Song: “Exxus” by Glass Animals
Played: When Sebastian and Kenna kiss.

Song: “Made of Stone” by Matt Corby
Played: When Greer kisses Lord Castleroy.

Song: “Two Heartbeats” by Lenka
Played: When Bash and Kenna are together.


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— Becca Ritchie