The power of imagination can truly transport you to anywhere you’d like to go. It can take you to far off lands and to unknown places. 1,001 Nights: A Love Story About Loving Stories will do just that and more.

Sherry (Ally Duncan) takes the audience on an amazing journey to a kingdom, where she serves as princess (Scheherezade), to encounter everything from genies to a narcissistic king.

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Only five actors and more than 1,001 stories to tell sounds like a challenge, eh? Well for this production it was a breeze. Created by Robert Lopez, Tony winner (Avenue Q, Book of Mormon) and Academy Award winner (Frozen), the creative staging and costuming were my favorite aspects. One scene in particular, a few characters meet a gang of forty thieves. Let’s just say, one actor takes multiple personalities to the next level.

The charm and innocence of this piece is something that cannot be ignored. You will mesmerized by the music and whisked away into a fantastical world, even if for only a couple of hours. Yes this is a show directed towards children, but hey, I actually saw more adult than I did children in there. In fact, make it a date night! I went alone…and watched the couples that surrounded me. I wasn’t sad! No. *cries*

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The show runs through April 6th at the Center for Puppetry Arts. Find more information about the production and ticket information here.


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–Wendell Scott