Matt Lanter went on a day date with someone special, but Lanter lovers no need to fret. This “someone special”  isn’t exactly what you think.  The “Star-Crossed” actor had a day date with his adorable nephew! When I say adorable… I really mean adorable.

Lanter spent an afternoon last week teaching his nephew how to hit a baseball! I know, instant heart warmer.  Therefore prepare yourself; you might explode with love after you see the photos he captured on Instagram!

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Mr. handsome wrote, “ Yesterday Matt. Today-Uncle Matt. Teaching my nephew how to hit a baseball…with a light saber, naturally.”

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Lanter posted a second picture along with, “More Uncle Matt.. if you learn to hit, you also have to learn to pitch!!”

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Does that mean this adorable date is to be continued? If that’s the case, we can’t wait for more Uncle Matt photos! Would you let Lanter teach you how to hit a baseball?