Struggling to get through the workweek, one-hour meeting or running the last mile in your cardio routine? Don’t worry, you can do it according to Nina Dobrev’s WhoSay.

Motivation is here. “The Vampire Diaries” actress raced in the Spartan Obstacle Race last weekend – you know that 5k mud run with ropes, walls and big tires. Well, she finished it! The Canadian beauty took to her WhoSay to show off her accomplishment and pride.

Dobrev said, “SPARTA!!!! #TeamJones #KilledIt Sunday. 5k Obstacle Course Mud Run Race-Climbing Walls, Ropes, Barb Wire, Fire, Ice Water etc.. #MusclesScreaming.”

Feeling determined yet? She posted more inspiring photos:

Dobrev on WhoSay, “I can’t say I didn’t see the signs. Literally and figuratively. Haha. I was warned. Most challenging physical/mental accomplishment of my life.”

Way to go Dobrev!!! Your motivation and strength is contagious! Are you feeling ambitious/driven/determined now?


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