If you watched Cycle 20’s first battle of the sexes, you should be happy to hear that the male models are sticking around for Cycle 21! That probably means more flirting. More couple photo shoots. And more drama. Will there be another Starvin’ Marvin and Renee to keep him company? I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but for now, we can be the judges of these top model hopefuls.

Cycle 21 uses the same social media format as the previous two. You can vote in advance for your favorite photo of the week by visiting cwtv.com. After being judged by Tyra and company, the social media scores will be calculated with the model’s total score.

Start voting now! You can even write a little snippet about why you disliked or liked a model’s photo.

Scroll down for a peek at the models competing on Cycle 21!