So we all know how much Georgia likes to change weather patterns from time to time, right?

An ice storm on Tuesday, followed by an earthquake on Thursday is pretty much the typical thing to expect. I mean, really, we’ll never fully understand the weather. The Center for Puppetry Arts helps us out a bit though with its new high-energy show–Weather Rocks! This cute and colorful show storms in with loads of information from cold fronts to temperature readings. Okay, I’m not sure if that sounds exciting to you. What if I told you it came with music? And what if I told you there’s a gospel number about clouds? I knew that would convince you.

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With Weather Rocks! cast member, Jared Brodie  & the coolest sun...ever.

With Weather Rocks! cast member, Jared Brodie & the coolest sun…ever.

The use of media, creative puppetry styles, and rich lighting techniques were all quite impressive, but the dynamic personalities of the cast really blew me away. I hope you’re catching all of these weather puns. I won’t give away the entire show, but let me tell you about my favorite numbers:

  • A toucan and monkey singing about humidity with a tropical flair.
  • Mother Nature apparently has dreadlocks and uses a palm tree leaf to fan herself when she gets warm.
  • Frosty the Snowman has a surprisingly deep, R&B vocal style.

Those three statements alone should make you want to see this show right now. I love creativity, and this entire show oozes it. It takes rather bland information and puts it all together to create a “twister of fun.” Okay, I tried a little too hard with that one. Even though it is geared towards the younger meteorologists at heart, I can guarantee anyone any age will thoroughly enjoy every second.

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The show runs until March 29th, so you’ve still got a chance to see it.

Get your tickets to this en”lightning” musical today! Okay…I’ll stop. I’ve flooded this post with horrible weather puns…

For more information, visit their website here.

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Wendell Scott