“The Vampire Diaries” Candice Accola and Ian Somerhalder were all about skis and snowboards last weekend. The two hit the snowy slopes but not together.

Accola surfaced in pictures parading around with cute skis alongside some happy friends.

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She posted, “What an amazing weekend filled with bloody mary’s, gumbo, slushy, skiing, pool.”

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It looks like the actress had a chill weekend with her fiancé, Joe King, and friends!

As for our handsome Salvatore brother, Somerhalder hit Sun Valley for some snowboarding and family time. “Aw” — he’s a family man.

Would you bundle up with Mr. Somerhalder on a snow white mountain?

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Now that winter is almost up, I have warm weather on my mind. Where do you think these two will vacation in spring/summer?