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“Pompeii” (2014)

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In 79 A.D., a slave turned gladiator, Milo (Kit Harington), is in love with Cassia (Emily Browning). Cassia is the daughter of a prominent merchant who has promised his daughter’s hand in marriage to a corrupt Roman Senator (Kiefer Sutherland). As Mount Vesuvius erupts, Milo must risk everything to save Cassia from a fiery death. “Pompeii” Website

What to Watch For: The director of the film, Paul W. S. Anderson, is known for his action/adventure films such as the Resident Evil series and the Sci-Fi film “AVP: Alien Vs. Predator.”

Word on the Street: The studio is hoping that Harington, having gained a fan base from his “Game of Thrones” appearance, will become the next big Hollywood heart throb.

My Take: How this film does at the box office will be interesting to see as the ads have tried to show that it’s not just an action film, but also a romantic film.

3 Days to Kill

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“3 Days to Kill” (2014)

Ethan (Kevin Costner) is one of the best Secret Service agents the agency has ever had, but it ‘s come at a price, his family. Ethan decides to retire from the agency to spend time with his teenage daughter (Hailee Steinfeld) before she leaves for college. Before, though, he can leave, he must serve one more mission, a mission to kill the world’s most wanted terrorist. “3 Days to Kill” Facebook page

What to Watch For: Kevin Costner, after taking a couple of years off, is on a bit of a career resurgence, having played Jonathan Kent in “Man of Steel” and a part in this year’s “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.” Costner will also soon be seen in the football movie, “Draft Day.”

Word on the Street: The studio is hopeful that this will become a franchise for Costner like the “Taken” series has for Liam Neeson.

My Take: I have always been a Kevin Costner fan, so I will be at the theater for this one.

In Secret

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“In Secret” (2014)

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Therese (Elizabeth Olsen) lives in one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris. Unfortunately, she is trapped in a loveless marriage to her sickly cousin Camille (Tom Felton).  Her days are filled with tending a small shop, and her nights are dominated by her aunt, Madame Raquin (Jessica Lange). Her world is changed when Camille’s friend, Laurent (Oscar Isaac) comes to visit. Therese is tempted to enter into an affair with Laurent but if she does, it could have deadly consequences. “In Secret” Website

What to Watch For: The film features two of the brightest actors on the Indie film scene, Elizabeth Olsen, who set the world on fire with her performance in “Martha Marcy May Marlene” (2011) and Oscar Issac, just off his performance in “Inside Llewyn Davis” (2013).

Word on the Street: Many critics think that Jessica Lange might get a supporting actress nod at next year’s Academy Awards.

My Take: Tom Felton, like Daniel Radcliffe, is attempting to put the Harry Potter films behind him. It will be interesting to see how he grows as an actor.


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“Barefoot” (2014)

Jay (Scott Speedman) has been the “black sheep” of his very wealthy family. He sleeps with numerous women, doesn’t have a job and owes a lot of people money due to his gambling problem. He then meets Daisy (Evan Rachel Wood), a free-spirited woman who has lived her whole life in isolation, and Jay’s life changes in more ways than he could have ever imagined. “Barefoot” Website

What to Watch For: Fans of Scott Speedman will be glad that he is back doing romantic films.

Word on the Street: Evan Rachel Wood is back on the Indie film scene with last year’s romantic comedy “A Case Of You,” and now, this film.

My Take: This should do well on the Indie film circuit as it seems like a perfect date night movie.

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