Watch “Reign” every Thursday at 9 pm on The CW.  (Please note that “the Vampire Diaries” and “Reign” will air after the Falcons vs. Saints game on November 21, 2013.)  

“Reign” has everything I look for in a show — drama with a pinch of realness, relationships to fawn over, and plots that twist and turn. It has quickly risen to the top of my fall TV favorites. If you step in front of my television before an episode of “Reign” starts, I will shove you. Watch out. The show has simply hypnotized me — reminiscent of some WB and CW classics that warm my heart and steal all of my time. If you’re not watching now, then here’s 5 reasons why you should and why the show just may turn out to be a pleasant Scottish surprise.

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5. Production value is out-of-this-world awesome. Whoa, are those horses? Is that a castle? Yes, yes, it is. You won’t be able to tell what’s a set and what’s on location. Green screens have been tossed away. “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” could pick up a few tips on how to decorate lavish rooms without resorting to computer graphics. You will be transported for a full hour. And the production will effortlessly help you reach France.

4. You’ll covet the clothes. While the costumes aren’t one-hundred percent historically accurate, they’re modern enough that you’ll want to steal Mary’s wardrobe in an instant. She changes into about three dresses an episode (not including the gorgeous pieces her ladies wear) and each garment really outdoes the next.

3. Love triangle(s) done right! The worst love triangles are completely one-sided. Third-wheels are no fun. “Reign” side-steps that problem. The chemistry is so strong between Mary / Bash and Mary / Francis that you’ll have a problem deciding who the leading lady should truly choose (even if history already dictates the outcome). Now, I expect more dynamic love triangles in the future. Maybe with Greer and Leith, since Mary’s lady has made it clear she needs to find an affluent man to be her husband.

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2. A medieval “Gossip Girl” with OMFG moments. I mentioned how “Reign” reminded me of classic CW shows. “Gossip Girl” is without a doubt one of them. The show pushes boundaries, willing to “go there” and let the dialogue reach jaw-dropping levels. In the most recent episode, Francis had an old fling ask very, very bluntly to be his mistress. If that was Chuck Bass, Blair Waldorf would not approve of him entertaining the idea of another girl on the side. Mary is the exact same way with her future hubby.

1. So many ships. One growing fandom. There are so many couples to root for. You have Greer and Leith. You have Mary and Bash, Mary and Francis, Nostradamus — who really needs some love. And I have been secretly playing matchmaker in my head to all of Mary’s ladies. And the best part so far, without a doubt, is the fact that so many people are wildly passionate about the show. “Reign” causes people to take to Twitter, to discuss, to scream from the rooftops and declare your ship (even if it eventually sinks). These are the best kinds of shows. They are the ones that live long after the series ends. And they’re the bread and butter of my day.

Have you watched “Reign?” Are you planning on starting the show? Are there other reasons you’ve been tuning in each week? Sound off below!

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Becca Ritchie