Welcome to the Best Tweets of the Week! Stop by every week to see a compilation of CW star tweets — sometimes hilarious and other times cool (set photos, series hints and more!)

Last time CW stars shared their Halloween ensembles, but now, they’re not afraid to let us catch a peek into their shows. Mark Pellegrino tweets a behind the scenes pic from “The Tomorrow People” — and read further for a video tweeted by Steven R. McQueen. Want to see the men of “The Vampire Diaries” lurking over Daniel Gillies from “The Originals”? Oh yeah, it happens. That and more! Keep reading to see which tweets made the cut.

Reign Logo

  • Torrance Coombs (Bash), Adelaide Kane (Mary) retweeted Amy Forsyth, Toby Regbo (Francis) retweeted Goldie


  • Mark Pellegrino (Jedikiah), Robbie Amell (Stephen)

Originals Logo

  • Joseph Morgan (Klaus), Daniel Gillies (Elijah)


  • Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen), Colton Haynes (Ray)


  • Ian Somerhalder (Damon), Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy)

Don’t forget to stop by next week for another round of tweets! What was your favorite this week? All I have to say is thank you Steven R. McQueen for that vine. Seriously, awesome. Seeing the cast of The Originals mingle with the cast of The Vampire Diaries brightens my day. And again, if you’re searching for a witty actor to follow on Twitter, you must follow Torrance Coombs who plays Bash on “Reign.” You’ll laugh all the way through his feed.

— Becca Ritchie