Fellow Klaus lovers you are not alone. A much needed post obsessing over Klaus’ entirety is finally here.

Long story short, the idea stemmed from a CW Crew event at Medieval Times last week. I found myself talking to CW fans, like yourself, about how much we love the CW shows (of course). However, I couldn’t help but realize that after a few chit chats ONE guy kept naturally sinking his way into our convos, Klaus.

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As a result, here are five reasons we’re swooning over CW’s newest TV series actor: Klaus. Indulge with me.

He’s a Man in Command

Klaus wants “To be King”, how much more sexy can you get? He is married to the idea of power and will do anything to achieve it. His passion reels us in for the kill and we are totally okay with it. Whether it be his super vampire killing or a hint of affection, in the end he knows what he wants. An aspiration we all crave, he’s a man in command.

He’s a Constant Surprise

Watching him is a never ending battle between love and hate. We despise his lack of hesitation in killing his family or handing them over to the enemy, but we love his sneaky way of caring. We obsess over how he can’t be figured out in one minute and it’s thrilling. Klaus takes us on an adventure that we need to journey every week.

Had Us at “Hello” is an Understatement

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Klaus didn’t have us at “hello”. No, no, no… he had us at adorable-melt-my-heart smirk of a smile. This smile is our Klaus treaty, an offering to forgive him after all of his evil moves. There are countless times where he executes an evil plan, kills the good and does all the wrong things. In the end, he flashes his smile and suddenly all of our hate washes away. And to make sure we never left his side, he’ll throw in “my love” (in a sexy accent). Deal sealed.

He’s Our Bad Boy Fix

He’s the bad boy we’ve always wanted to change. We know there’s good in his almighty dead vamp soul and that’s why we continue to root for him time after time. Klaus is a shiny object we are forbidden to follow but we still want to (and do).

He’s More Than Easy on the Eyes

Klaus is the epitome of eye candy. Who wouldn’t want to look at him for hours or even years? From his sexy smile, chiseled muscles to his edgy bad boy look, we’re stuck on him and don’t want to leave. Also, it helps that he has his insanely handsome brother Elijah by his side to gawk at (when he isn’t killing him off).

Sinners and Saints - Episode 5

The Originals — “Sinners and Saints” — Pictured (L-R): Daniella Pineda as Sophie and Joseph Morgan as Klaus — Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW — ©2013 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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All hearts on deck CW fans! If most of these reasons match your heart beats for Klaus, it’s time to share your love. Weigh in below or tweet us @ATLCW.