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“The Wolverine” (2013)

Source: Twentieth Century Fox

Source: Twentieth Century Fox

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Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) realizes that everyone he has ever loved has died. After being summoned to Japan by an old friend whose life he once saved, he will have to face his demons and decide if he really wants to continue being The Wolverine.  Main photo courtsey Twentieth Century Fox/Photo credit: Ben Rothstein The Wolverine Website

What to Watch For: The film takes place after the 2006 film “X-Men: The Last Stand”, in which Wolverine had to kill the love of his life, Jean Gray because she joined The Brotherhood of Mutants. Jackman consulted Dwayne Johnson on how to bulk up for the role, and it shows.

Word on the Street: While the film is rated PG-13, there are rumors there might be an R-rated version released on DVD/BLU-RAY.

My Take: It’s always fun to see Hugh Jackman play Wolverine, a part he has played five times before.

The To Do List (2013)

Source: CBS Films

Source: CBS Films

Brandy (Aubrey Plaza) is the valedictorian of her school, but she has had to make sacrifices to get there, like not having a life. She decides before she goes to college to lose her virginity and enlists her friends to help complete the task. The To Do List Website

What to Watch For: Aubrey Plaza is best known for her role as April Ludgate on the TV show, “Parks and Recreation”.

Word on the Street: The film is being compared to “Easy A” (2010) and last year’s comedy hit, “Pitch Perfect” (2012).

My Take: I am looking forward to this film because I am a fan of first time feature writer/director Maggie Carey’s work on the “Funny or Die Presents” Series.

“I’m So Excited” (2013)

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Source: Sony Pictures Classics

Source: Sony Pictures Classics

On a flight from Spain to Mexico City, a plane full of passengers must confront their fears and evaluate their lives when they find out their plane’s landing gear is damaged, and they may die. This isn’t your ordinary flight, as flight attendants, Ulloa, Fajardo and Joserra perform a Pointer Sisters song, and the drinks are flowing in First Class. Forget the passengers in coach, they have all been drugged to sleep…by the flight attendants. I’m So Excited Website

What to Watch For: This is being described by director Pedro Almodvar as “a light, very light comedy”.

Word on the Street: Rumors are that several stars of past Almodvar films make cameos.

My Take: Almodvar always makes interesting films. I picked his last film, “The Skin I Live In”, as one of the best films of 2011.

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“Dungeons & Dragons” (2000) The land of Izmer is ruled by one who controls the magic. Empress Savina (Thora Birch) is attempting to rule Izmer justly, bringing justice and prosperity to its people. But the evil Profion (Jeremy Irons) is out to steal the kingdom and rule with iron fist. Now the balance of power could come from a pair of thieves (Justin Whalin and Marlon Wayans) who are out to steal a powerful scepter.

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“Identity” (2003) A torrential rainstorm strands ten strangers in an isolated motel in the Nevada desert. Trying to make the best of a bad situation, the strangers attempt to get to know each other. All is going well until they realize that there may be a killer among them.