ANAHEIM (CW BAY AREA/GEEK SPEAK) – Before Kristin Kreuk aka Catherine Chandler of “Beauty And The Beast” went on stage for her panel at Wondercon 2013, she stopped by backstage for a one-on-one with Rachel of the Geek Speak Video Show and The CW Bay Area.

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From Lana Lang of “Smallville” to Hannah from “Chuck,” Kristin opened up by answering which character has been her favorite. Of course, each character has varying reasons of like, but Catherine Chandler has won Kristin over. “I like them all for different reasons. I think I really do love Catherine, maybe it’s because where I’m at right now, but she’s such a strong character.” Kristin said.

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Rachel almost stumped Kristin when asked which character from Geek Culture, she would love to take on. After racking her brain for the name, Kristin recalls wanting to play the evil sorceress “Morgan le Faye” from the Arthur legends. We think it might be a far stretch from her own personality, but Kristin can definitely pull it off.

In keeping with the theme of strong female characters, the conversation wrapped up with Kristin’s take on the symbolism of Wonder Woman and how it can be used to draw more girls into Geek Culture. “I think girls are into comic books, are they not?” Kristin said. “I think it’s about casting someone thats relatable. I think thats important.” Kristin goes on to say that it’s important for women to see something that reflects them more than their “exaggerated” physical attributes, which appeals more to men. “…And obviously a woman who’s kick ass, girls love that!” she ends. Well we think she kicks ass and is one to very much look up to.

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– Ron Del Rosario | CW Bay Area

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