What is that whistling sound? Why am I tapping my foot? Why do I have the sudden urge to play basketball? Oh! I know why! The Harlem Globetrotters are back in town, and they’re here to follow your rules!

The “You Write The Rules” World Tour is coming to Philips Arena on Saturday, March 16th at 1pm. Expect to hear that world-renowned whistling tune and see some of the best basketball you’ve ever seen. But get this, you won’t just be watching the Globetrotters. No, that’s too easy. You make up the game! For the first time, kids will be allowed to come up with any silly rule that the players must follow. And based on the rules, will determine the outcome of the game.

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Sounds like that could get a little dangerous. If I were a kid out there, I’d tell them the number one rule would be to make me a Shirley Temple while attempting to make a half court shot. That’s the only way I will watch sports. You can also vote for your favorite rule at www.harlemglobetrotters.com. The winning rules will  be implemented into the show!

Thirty minutes before the game begins, families will have an opportunity to interact with the players face-to-face through a new feature called, “Magic Pass.” During this pre-show, you can test out your mad basketball skills by attempting shots, trying out ball tricks and even getting autographs, along with photos from some of your favorite Harlem Globetrotters.

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Speaking of the players, you can expect to see Special K Daley and Flight Time Lang. There’s even the  7-ft 8-in Tiny Sturgess (the world’s tallest pro basketball player), 5-ft 2-in Too Tall Hall (the shortest Globetrotter ever) and female star T-Time Brawner. That sounds like a hoot.

Go ahead and secure your tickets today before they sell out. The Harlem Globetrotters always put on a great show.

Head over to: www.philipsarena.com to shoot and score for those tickets!

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–Wendell Scott