Have you ever thought about running a marathon? I sure haven’t. But I just might consider running this one. The Publix Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon are both happening March 17th at 7am.

Now, this isn’t like Supermarket Sweep where you’re running through the aisles of the Publix. You’ll be running through some of the most historic and beautiful places around the city of Atlanta. The course ventures through the Sweet Auburn District, Inman Park, Decatur, Druid Hills, Virginia-Highland and Midtown areas.

If I’m running this marathon, you better believe I’ll be making a stop at each of these locations. Wait, are you allowed to stop and go on an adventure while you’re running a marathon?

Even better than seeing those beautiful pieces of metro Atlanta, you’ll also get a chance to run by many historical and cultural landmarks such as the King Historic Site, the Carter Center, four college campuses and Piedmont Park. Man, this marathon has a beautiful course honestly.

I’m pretty sure they wanted to tempt you with beauty to see who’d stop and smell the flowers instead of crossing the finish line. That would be me.

If you’re not into the entire marathon thing, you can sign up for the Cuties Luckie 5K race at Centennial Olympic Park on that same day. Doesn’t it have such a precious name? It probably won’t sound too precious after you’ve sweat your hair off though. That race will begin at 7:30am and you can sign up for it online.

For more information, check out: www.georgiamarathon.com!

–Wendell Scott


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