From Season 2, Episode 17 "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

[SPOILER ALERT: Content from episode 17 below. Proceed with caution.]

Zoe has the Bluebell blues and joins the exclusive group of women scorned by Wade, including the ever-talented Lily Anne Lonergan who takes to her guitar to express her Wade-filled hate. Also, Jonah Breeland, Lemon’s nephew, makes an appearance.

Here are six quotable moments.

  • Lily Anne (singing about Wade): “Why don’t he ever wear a shirt?”
    Zoe: “Yeah, why doesn’t he ever wear a shirt?”
    Lily Anne (singing): “Would a little modesty hurt?”
  • “I have connections if you want to make Wade disappear. In fact, I’ve said too much.” — Bluebell citizen to Zoe
  • “Gotta run from Wade / Hide out in the shade / From all the messes that he made / And all the games that he played / Run from Wade! Run from Wade! / And all the bills that he left unpaid / The love that he betrayed.” — Lily Anne Lonergan singing about Wade.
  • Lemon: “Listen, remember the time when we were kids and I made you eat the carpet in the upstairs hallway?”
    Jonah: “Mh-hm.”
    Lemon: “That will seem like an appetizer if you don’t tell me what you know.”
  • Lemon: “Now is not the time to cave in to your God-given materialism. Do you want Shelby as your step-mom?”
    Magnolia: “No, I’d rather die.”
    Lemon: “Just say no. No, no, no, no, no.”
    Magnolia: “Okay, I get it. God, it’s like health class.”
  • “What you did is the worst thing anyone ever did to me. And I don’t want to be a big person about it and let my anger go because it is official! I hate you. I will always hate you, and I will enjoy hating you.” — Zoe to Wade
  • “Do like me and let yourself grieve and really end up happy with a guy like George Tucker. And I mean a guy like George Tucker and not George Tucker himself.” — Tansy to Zoe

Becca Ritchie