The CW has cast the leads for the pilot “The Selection” — and much has changed since the last tackle at adapting the YA novel by Kiera Cass. Last year, Aimee Teegarden (“Friday Night Lights”) starred as America, a labor-class girl picked for a “Bachelor” style competition to win Prince Maxon’s hand in marriage. This time around, the leads have all been unknown.

Relatively new actor Michael Malarkey will star as Prince Maxon alongside Israeli actress Yael Grobglas as America. British actor Lucien Laviscount has snagged the role of Aspen previously played last season by “The Chronicles of Narnia” star Brit William Moseley, Deadline reported.

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In addition to the fresh faces, the television adaptation looks to spice up Prince Maxon’s character. In the novels, Maxon can be best described as sweet-natured, kind and incredibly innocent in the romance department. Hollywood Reporter describes the CW’s version of Maxon as “charming, self-serving and untrustworthy son of the king and queen who are not pleased with his reckless behavior. He’s thrilled to have a group of young women competing for his affections and is intrigued by the feisty labor-class girl America.”

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