From Season 2, Episode 15 "The Gambler"

[SPOILER ALERT: Content from episode 15 below. Proceed with caution.]

What started out as a pretty hilarious episode (hello, Meatball), ended up on a very serious note with Wade walking out of the battle of the bands with a trashy brunette. Plus, he confesses his fear of failing to George Tucker, who obviously was not able to talk Wade from the brink of self-loathing.

Here are six quotable moments.

  • George: “Well, you know that your current boyfriend has some musical chops of his own.”
    Tansy: “I know, I saw the photo of you in your high school production of South Pacific.”
    George: “No, I happen to have played with Wade in Bluebellapalooza. Undergarments were thrown in my direction.”
  • “You know how teachers will always bluff that they’ll turn the bus around if some idiot doesn’t stop fooling around…wasn’t bluffing this time.” — Magnolia to Lemon
  • “Mind Face is never going to win a contest based on the audience’s votes because Meatball sounds like a werewolf stuck in a garbage disposal. And Mind Face…was does that even mean?” — Zoe on Wade’s band
  • “I don’t think that Meatball is great. I think he stinks. Sometimes literally, mostly vocally.” — Zoe to Wade
  • “I’m fifteen. I’ll take advantage of anyone who’ll let me.” — Magnolia to Lemon
  • “I’m sick of people thinking I can do better, be better. They’re always going to be let down.” — Wade to George

Becca Ritchie