Wondering what former “Gossip Girl” star Leighton Meester is up to? Wonder no more, she’s dating Adam Brody! Sources confirmed the duo news to People but both of their reps have yet to comment on the newest couple. Hmm.. now only if we could get GG back and have this eye-candy join the entourage.

But wait, this isn’t Brody’s first CW star relationship. From “Hart of Dixie” star Rachel Bilson to former GG star, I say Adam Brody might have a thing for CW women. According to People, Brody and Bilson broke it off in 2006 and he is now dating Meester. About seven years later; it’s safe to say Meester has settled as just his girlfriend and not a CW rebound. Their love journey supposedly started while costarring in the movie “The Oranges”.

On the downside, these two tend to keep their private lives hush hush. We can only hope that cute couple pictures surface and maybe a country love song written about Brody?

I’m happy to say I’m a Meester and Brody cheerleader, are you? Weigh in below.