From Season 2, Episode 14 "Take Me Home, Country Roads"

[SPOILER ALERT: Content from episode 14 below. Proceed with caution.]

Zoe spent her time worrying about her practice rather than hanging out with her man. And Lemon tried to become Lemon 2.0 but ended up downgrading to 1.5. Here are seven quotable moments from Tuesday night.

  • Zoe: “Yesterday, I got a free manicure at Main Street and then a ten minute massage with one of those new machines they put behind your head.”
    Lavon: “Oh, that’s not a machine. Billy Barnes likes to sneak in and rub ladies’ necks when their eyes are closed.”
  • “What if the theme is ‘gettin’ wiggy with it?’ and everybody’s gotta wear wigs. Wouldn’t you just die?” — Shelby, planning Brick’s birthday
  • “Wow you literally scared the poo out of him.” — Wade to Dr. Breeland about one of his patients.
  • Annabeth: “I didn’t hate gym class. I hated coach Abernathy.”
    Jonah: “The man was cool. He had that awesome ‘stache.”
    Annabeth: “It was not awesome. It looked like he snorted a broom.”
  • “I fell down the hill looking for cell service. It the movies it looks zany. It did not feel zany.” — Zoe
  • “I’ve been trying, so hard, to be a very kind and forgiving person. But right now, I’m feeling like I want to do something very unladylike.” — Lemon to Annabeth
  • Zoe: “I come in peace with a bouquet of apologies.”
    Wade: “Next time, try bourbon.”

Becca Ritchie