From Season 1, Episode 2 "Lie With Me"

[SPOILER ALERT: Content from episode 1 below. Proceed with caution.]

Carrie’s little sister, Dorrit, had plenty of good lines this week, and she’s most definitely growing on me as a character. Also, Larissa kick-started the episode comparing models to emaciated muggles. Best line of the night!

Here are seven quotable moments.

  • “In two weeks time, two emaciated muggles will cling to that bag like their lives will depend on it.” — Larissa to Carrie about a photo shoot featuring Carrie’s purse. 
  • Carrie: “We’re alone for exactly sixty-five seconds. I timed it.”
    Sebastian: “Just imagine what would have happened if we had another nineteen seconds.”
  • Maggie kisses Walt in the hallway. Walt: “Stop.”
    Maggie: “I just want to feel close to you.”
    Walt: “Well you couldn’t be any closer than you are right now. You’re kind of smothering me.”
    Maggie: “I’m just trying to get something started. It’s not like you ever do. I’m kinda all alone in this.”
    Walt: “Well maybe you shouldn’t try so hard. It makes you seem desperate.”
  • “I couldn’t believe it. One night, I wrote my name on my mother’s bag in an attempt to salvage it, and now here I was, holding a Zebra and watching my purse be photographed for ‘Interview’ magazine.” — Carrie
  • Walt: “The longer I waited and wondered where you were…”
    Maggie: “I wasn’t with anyone. I swear.”
    Walt: “It doesn’t matter. That’s weird, right? That I wouldn’t care.”
  • Carrie: “I was hoping to make it up to you. Want to hang out? We can make a night of it. I think Mouse is coming over — watch ‘The Wall’ or something.”
    Dorrit: “Are we going to be stoned?”
    Carrie: “No.”
    Dorrit: “Then I don’t get it. What’s the point?”
  • Mouse: “I just miss him.”
    Maggie: “I miss Walt.”
    Carrie: “I miss Sebastian.”
    Dorrit: “You guys are so lame.”

Becca Ritchie