From Season 2, Episode 12 "Islands in the Stream"

[SPOILER ALERT: Content from episode 12 below. Proceed with caution.]

Even without a cool theme like Pioneer Day or an election or costumes of any kind, last night had laugh out loud moments thanks to comedic timing and lines that’ll make you giggle.

Here are seven quotable moments.

  • “I will tell them tomorrow night at dinner. Some place crowded, and I’ll have the knives taken off the table so Lemon doesn’t stab me in the heart.” — Dr. Breeland to Shelby, about telling his daughters that he’s dating her.
  • Tansy exits the houseboat in a towel. Mrs. Tucker: “Did she come with your boat?”
    George: “No she has her own trailer.”
    Mrs. Tucker: “Your houses both move. Neat. It’s like circus folk.”
  • “Look, Zoe, if I wanted to date Tansy, I’d still be married to her. And if I wanted to date George Tucker, I could date you. And oops, I already am.” — Wade to Zoe
  • “You are a southern-born backwoods-bred tobacco-chewing catfish-guttin’ river guide.” — Lavon to Oliver
  • Tansy: “This is my life we’re taking about, when does my voice get heard!”
    Wade: “Oh, your voice is being heard by plenty of people right now.”
  • Mrs. Tucker: “Fate, timing. Dr. Hart, you’re a person of science. Yet, you’ve handed your life over to mystical forces.”
    Zoe: “Objection! … Have not.”
  • George: “I always saw us circling back towards each other, you know?”
    Zoe: “Yeah, but maybe we’re just not in the same orbit anymore. We’re headed for different planets. Which is okay.”
    Tansy: “Well, you’re in luck because Wade Kinsella is definitely on a different planet.”
    Wade: “Yup, I can still hear you.”

Becca Ritchie