There have been hookups and breakups. Tears and hugs. Sexy times and not so sexy times. This year, CW couples have been thrown through the ringer (ahem, Delena), and as 2012 comes to a close and we embark on a brand new chapter in the new year, let’s discuss some favorite 2012 matches.

Wade Kinsella and Zoe Hart from “Hart of Dixie”
This is a clear case of “opposites attract.” However, in recent episodes Zoe has been more than just hesitant on becoming serious with the southern bartender. She doesn’t want to evolve, and she’s happy enough spending every episode waking from his bed and jumping back into it. As a fan, I’m rooting for more — like an actual title to their relationship. And apparently Wade wants the same thing. Now Zoe just needs to buck up and figure out what’s best for her.

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Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore from “TVD” 
The newly turned vamp has the hots for Damon, and just when she broke things off with her boyfriend (of nearly four seasons!), we learn that Damon and her relationship might be founded, not on love, but a weird sire bond. I have never taken a side with this love triangle — purely because I found Elena and Stefan equally as compatible as Damon and Elena. However, when Elena turned into a vamp, it became quite obvious that she’s grown apart from Stefan and her new self fits better with bad boy Damon. The creators of “The Vampire Diaries” may keep taking Delena fans on an emotional roller coaster in the new year. Time will tell.

Oliver Queen and The Huntress from “Arrow” 
I may be the only one shipping these two, but the chemistry between The Huntress and Oliver feels far superior than that of Oliver and Laurel. And plus, I’m a sucker for characters with broken moral compasses. The Huntress has become an anti-heroine of sorts, and Oliver actually shows her how to wield a crossbow rather than a couple of guns.

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Dean Winchester and Castiel from “Supernatural” 
The best part of shipping? The couples can be totally unrealistic. The Dean and Castiel bromance is by far a reason I’ve stuck around with “Supernatural” this long. The surly hunter and the hilariously robotic angel share banter worthy of a Best Sound Bites prize. And this season, they continue to struggle with their experiences in Purgatory as Dean went through the “portal” and Castiel remained behind.

So now, it’s your turn. Who are you shipping? Take the poll below!

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Becca Ritchie