With “Arrow’s” success, the CW is looking for another superhero concept for next year’s lineup. And the network has set their sights on “Wonder Woman,” the classic and beloved DC comic. Currently, the script is still being written for the project, and it’s waiting with a whole slew of potential pilots for the green light.

The prospective series is titled “Amazon,” and casting directors Barbara Fiorentino and Danielle Aufiero are on the hunt for the lead for a potential pilot pickup, Deadline reports. The central character will be Wonder Woman, focusing on her origin story as a young Amazonian before she taps into her superpowers. Sounds like a female version of “Smallville” — in a very good way of course.

Last year, NBC tried to put Wonder Woman on air, even casting Adrianne Palicki as the spandex-wearing heroine. The network canned the series before the fall season. With the CW’s eye on a similar project, there may be hope for comic book fans yet.

Are you interested in “Amazon?”


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