Since superstorm Sandy plowed through the Northeast, victims have needed all the relief they can get; and, like many people, stars are stepping up to the plate and delivering results for Sandy relief! Below are a few highlights on the celeb supports.

Captain Planet

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Over the years Leonardo DiCaprio has become passionate about the environment. He was just bound to step in and help all who were affected by “frankenstorm”. DiCaprio celebrated his 38th birthday tailored around charity donations. According to People, “Beyoncé Jay-Z, Cameron Diaz and Emma Watson were among the guests at the Wolf of Wall Street actor’s birthday festivities at The Darby in New York.” The environmental hero’s birthday bash raised money for charities and among them were for Sandy relief.

Country Star

Carrie Underwood sang in the name of charity last week. According to People, she surprised all of the attendees with a heartwarming announcement. All the concert proceeds went to New Jersey communities hit by Sandy. As we can all imagine, this concert generated a lot of money, so props to Underwood for her donation! The gal’s not only got the voice but a warm heart too!

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 Puppy Lover

(Warning: animal lovers this story will hit home) Not only did Denise Richards tour New York raising awareness about relief efforts, but she spoke out about pet adoptions.  I, for one, am a huge animal lover and give her two thumbs up for speaking out about the animal shelters devastated from Sandy. In some cases people tend to forget about the little furry animals in devastation’s like this. Of course Richards didn’t go home empty handed. People reported that, Richards adopted a puppy during Sandy’s aftermath, and it’s pretty darn cute! Look here for her new furry addition.

Material Girl

Last but not least, Madonna. She raised money for charity in the only way the pop star knows how to, uniquely. On Monday, the singer personalized a special section in her concert which focused on raising money in a courageous way and E! News has the dish on her charity stunt. Apparently to raise money for Sandy, Madonna mooned her audience and encouraged them to throw money on stage for Sandy victims. A bit too much and a lot like stripping? Perhaps… However, this gal knows how to raise money in a quick fashion (We’ll give her that).

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Did you help Sandy victims in, donations, courageous efforts or charity balls? If so, weigh in and let us know how.