The CW has announced “The Carrie Dairies” premiere date, which also involves a little tweaking of the current line-up. “The Carrie Dairies” will premiere Monday, January 14 at 8 pm. That means that “90210” will be bumped up to the 9 pm time slot.

The majority of CW primetime series will return January 14 from the holiday break with all-new original episodes.

While “The Carrie Dairies” acts like a prequel to “Sex and the City,” people who’ve never even seen an episode of the old Manhattan series will enjoy “The Carrie Dairies” all the same. It has all the makings to replace beloved “Gossip Girl” with eighties swag, glamorous wardrobes, sexy boys with equally hot names (Sebastian Kydd, anyone?) and a lovable heroine. AnnaSophia Robb plays the young Carrie Bradshaw and does a brilliant job at balancing innocence and smarts. Read the full synopsis below, and let’s begin the countdown to some Manhattan fun.

Full Synopsis: “The Carrie Diaries” takes place in 1984, where life is not easy for 16-year-old Carrie Bradshaw.  Since their mother passed away, Carrie’s younger sister Dorritt is more rebellious than ever, and their father Tom is overwhelmed with the responsibility of suddenly having to care for two teenage girls on his own.  Carrie’s friends – sweet, geeky Mouse, sarcastic and self-assured Maggie and sensitive Walt – make life bearable, but a suburban life in Connecticut isn’t doing much to take her mind off her troubles.

And even though the arrival of a sexy new transfer student named Sebastian brings some excitement to Carrie’s world, she is struggling to move on from her grief.  So when Tom offers Carrie the chance to intern at a law firm in Manhattan, she leaps at the chance.  Carrie’s eyes are opened wide at the glamour and grit of New York City – and when she meets Larissa, the style editor for Interview magazine, she’s inspired by the club culture and unique individuals that make up Larissa’s world.  Carrie’s friends and family may have a big place in her heart, but she’s fallen in love for the first time with the most important man in her life – Manhattan.

Becca Ritchie


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