From Season 8, Episode 6

[SPOILER ALERT: Content from episode 6 below. Proceed with caution.]

With Garth making an appearance, there was a lot to laugh about last night. But in the same instance, Sam and Dean had a true heart to heart about their one year separation that ended with little resolution. Next week, Castiel’s back. Yep, I said it. Until then, here are nine quotable moments from last night.

  • Sam: “Okay, no, you’re right. People can change.”
    Dean: “Yeah, I’ve got a vampire buddy and you turned your phone off for a year.”
  • “Kevin’s in the wind, you’re sulking like a eunuch in a whore house, and I can’t help but ask myself when is decapitation not my thing?” — Dean to Sam
  • “Texas Ranger. Garth, seriously? We’re in Missouri.” — Dean
  • Sam: “Hold up, are you the new Bobby?”
    Dean: “You shut your mouth.”
    Garth: “Yes.”
    Dean: “You shut your mouth … What?”
  • “What’s up with all the hillbilly hankies? These people know the Civil War is over right?” — Dean
  • Dean: “You were a Dentist?”
    Garth: “Yeah for like a hot minute.”
  • “So first the mom goes ‘Natural Born Killer’ and now the son? What do we got … a ghost with an Oedipus complex?” — Dean to Sam
  • “Bobby belonged to all of us, Dean. Not just you and Sam. I’m just taking what he showed me and trying to do something with it. That’s all.” — Garth
  • “Wendigo? You got a flare gun? How about a flame thrower?….Well you better get some sneakers, buddy, because you’re going to have to run.” — Garth on the phone

Becca Ritchie