Ruh-roh… a celeb arrest has been spotted in Atlanta!

E! News has confirmed that “Clash of the Titans” star Sam Worthington was arrested at a restaurant here in the big A and not just any ole restaurant. His classy happening went down at the Vortex, where Atlanta’s best, lip-smacking burgers reside!  The half-god actor apparently “clashed” with the restaurant’s doorman and let’s just say… things didn’t go Worthington’s way (a.k.a. no burger for him)!

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“The 36-year-old actor was supposedly not allowed to enter Vortex because he appeared highly intoxicated, according to the police report obtained by E! News.”

According to E! News, the conflict consisted of pushing, profane language, pepper spray and handcuffs… Whew, what a brawl! The police took Worthington into custody and charged him with disorderly conduct. The best part of this post-clash arrest, the celeb’s sexy mug-shot can be found right here.

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Don’t worry Worthington fans, it was reported early this week that his charges were dismissed.

Besides his recent arrest, where else have you seen Worthington? That’s right; he’s also our Jake Sully from “Avatar”. Now that he’s free, dismissed from charges and possibly making an Avatar 2, hopefully he’ll think twice before misbehaving with any doormen in the future. We can’t have jail bars getting in the way with Pandora’s future… because I’m “Avatar” and Jake Sully obsessed!

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–Chelsea Korzenko