From Season 2, Episode 5

[SPOILER ALERT: Content from episode 5. Proceed with caution.]

You know it’s a good episode when Burt Reynolds is named and George Tucker must comically deal with a childhood problem of sleepwalking. Here are eight quotable moments from last night.

  • Zoe: “Someone’s been sleeping in my bed. My comforters were mushed. The pillows were indented.”
    Lavon: “Whoa, indented. Well, it could be some sort of phantom musher. Or maybe you were a little tired and out of it.”
  • “I don’t mean to freak you guys out, but have you considered the possibility of demons.” — Wade, joking as Zoe freaks out about a person breaking into her house.
  • “Funny, he is old school and his dates are still in school” — Presley about George.
  • George: “So it’s Halloween, are you going to try to break your record last year. Was it three sexy cats in one night?”
    Wade: “I’m trying to lay off the girls these days, so…it’s like a cleanse. But for the record it was two sexy cats and one sexy Snow White.”
  • “We do not need reminding of your traitorous years as an Auburn tiger.” Lemon to Annabeth
  • Lemon: “Lavon, I told you the alligator is a liability. It’s not too late to get it stuffed. I know a guy.”
    Lavon: “Burt Reynolds is my pet.”
  • “You know, I always figured Tucker had dreams about you, I just never figured I’d be in one.” — Wade
  • Ruby: “Same drink, same swagger, not the same guy though. The one who left town and never called, the one who used to do that stupid dance every time he sacked a QB.”
    Lavon: “Now that dance wasn’t stupid.”

Becca Ritchie