From Season 2, Episode 4

[SPOILER ALERT: Content from episode 3 below. Proceed with caution.]

Last night, “Hart of Dixie” had running jokes about lions, Burt Reynolds (the alligator) and pillow shams. Only in Bluebell, AL can you find that crazy combination. Here are seven quotable moments.

  • “I was watching this nature special last night about lions. Did you know that male lions sleep with every lioness they can get their paws on?” — Zoe
  • “It’s one thing for a lion to be King of the Jungle, but yo Simba, how about a little heads up if there’s going to be a hot new lioness in the den when Nala comes home.” — Zoe
  • “Shelby, really, I’m fine. I’m all shammed up.” — George after Shelby insists he buy decorative shams.
  • “Mayor never did pay for his alligator’s pregnancy test.” — Dixie Shop Manager
  • Dr. Breeland: “You’re failing Chemistry?”
    Magnolia: “Maybe I would be doing better if I wasn’t starving.”
  • “Daddy, this is the right thing. Because once we run out of peanut butter I’m going to have to eat you.” — Magnolia
  • “Oh my goodness, you know sometimes I think that God gave you such a big heart that he left no room for plain sense.” — Lemon with sincerity to George.

Becca Ritchie